September 6, 2015

To the Friends and Supporters of Transformation House Ministries,

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on our activities and progress as well as our plans and hopes. While a number of doors have been closed to us we remain optimistic that our desires to serve newly recovering women and men of St. Lawrence County and area will come to fruition over time and with time and perseverance.

Our plans for a certified community residence in Potsdam were dashed when building resources were available but operational funding was denied. This was particularly disappointing given the grave need for safe, appropriate housing for women and the epidemic of substance use disorders facing the entire region.

However, we have not been idle. John has been able to bring his theology of addiction to a number of pulpits in the North Country as well as teach a series of classes in two of the prisons. Jemila has been charged with organizing prayer support for this entire ministry. We have sponsored a recovery group (on hiatus for the summer) which will resume in September and co-sponsored The Daniel Plan to encourage good health among all men and women. In early winter we intend another educational program to bring knowledge about substance use disorders, their manifestation, interventions, treatments, and family help to all who are interested. This will be similar to the program done November 2013.

Most exciting of all is the recent possibility of actually being able to establish a house (with a lot of help from our friends!) in an ideal location. Negotiations are still underway and there is much work to be done before any type of formal announcement can be made, but this arrangement would allow us to serve six newly recovering women desirous of living in a supportive, faith-based, communal setting along with a “house mother.”  We are praying that this is a door that will be opened wide for us!

None of this can be accomplished without your help. We will be establishing a more formal fundraising effort a little later on, but if you are prompted now to contribute to our work we would be most grateful. We are a 501©3 organization and your contributions are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law.

We thank you for your prayer, encouragement, and financial support!


New Hope Transformation House Ministries, Inc. Board of Directors

John Ault, Carol Foote-Bley, Pam Hinman, Peter Popiel, Jemila Saleh, Carolyn White