Grace House

Grace House is a transitional, supportive living environment for six women in early recovery from addictive disorders. The women live together in a family-like setting with the support of a “house mother” who mentors and guides them toward the final steps of reintegration into full community life.

The women of Grace House must be committed to abstinence, including abstinence from nicotine, and to following the program of Grace House which involves faith-based services.

Because Grace House is not a treatment facility, the women will be receiving out-patient services, including MAT, for their
Substance Use Disorders and for mental health issues, if needed, as well as their physical well-being. Not all applicants can be accepted for various reasons; – not meeting criteria, lack of an available bed, needing more structure that we can
provide, etc.

After a period of orientation, all women are expected to be in school/vocational training, have a job, or perform 20 volunteer hours in the community each week. Upon admission, women will meet with staff to develop a plan of discharge/re-entry into the community. This plan will chart the course of her stay here at Grace House. Ultimately, the goal for each woman is to successfully discharge to safe, appropriate, affordable housing with full-time work and/or educational enrollment for those who are able.

Inside the house women will learn how to live and work together collaboratively. The residents will be assigned daily tasks that contribute to the daily rhythm of the household. They will learn how spend their days productively working toward their personal goals. They will develop, and adhere to daily routine, including consistent wake/sleep times. They will learn how to skillfully cook, and clean, sew, knit, paint, and crochet – perhaps not always for themselves, but to gift others. They will be encouraged to develop thoughtful ways of interacting with one another and those in the larger community. There will some opportunity to garden and learn house repair.  Each woman will learn how to manage her life responsibly, by making and keeping her regular appointments, adhering to her own customized service plan, and furthermore will be encouraged to seek out life enriching experiences that will promote both spiritual growth, and competence in various aspects of life. Many volunteers have offered their services in many ways to share their knowledge and expertise with the women residents.

…I will build them up, and not tear them down; I will plant them and not uproot them… (Jeremiah 24:6)