VOLUNTEER AT GRACE HOUSE                     

We are incredibly grateful for each of our volunteers. We are blessed by your willingness to serve and share in our commitment to bring hope and transformation to the women who live with us. We have several categories of volunteer work to choose from:

Corporate Volunteer

  • Various Administrative/office tasks
  • Data entry
  • Thank you notes and calls to donors
  • Assisting in donation drives
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Event planning/preparation

Home Volunteer

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Relieving the Residence Director
  • Teaching  
  • Event Planning/Preparation

Worship Volunteer

  • Leading in-house worship
  • Coordinating in-house worship events
  • Assisting/leading bible studies

Transport Volunteer

  • Transporting Residents to and from shops/appointments/meetings 

IT/Tech Volunteer

  • Remote/onsite troubleshooting support
  • Support with our website/social media

Maintenance Volunteer

  • Help with minor house repair

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We are thankful for all of our applicants and volunteers. We believe that your service to the women of Grace House will make a lasting impact for generations to come. Due to the nature of our RESIDENTS’ HISTORIES, you may encounter topics that are difficult to process or that trigger some things from your own past struggles. By signing above you are entering into agreement with us that you will seek appropriate pastoral and/or professional care if needed should you be affected in such a manner. Additionally, if serving at Grace House becomes a burden or hindrance to your own well-being, you agree to step away from your efforts here to maintain the main priority which is wellness for yourself.

If you are unable to volunteer with us we have donation opportunities as well.